Friday, March 13, 2015

Is the conditioners that make up the base to Artego's Its Color minus any pigment! It has many uses for the creative colorist.

Mix with a 5 volume developer for a shine or glazing service
Mix with any Its Color to dilute the color lighter or to create a toner. The more Neutro you add the lighter the color becomes. Example: mix 1 part 6 and 1 part Neutro = 6 1/2. Mix 1 part 6 and 2 parts Neutro= 7. Mix 1 part 6 and 4 parts Neutro=8.

Pull through the ends with Neutro to color balance and prevent fadeage. Mix up formula for regrowth. Apply that and leave alittle bit of color in the bowl; i.e. 1/4 oz. Add an equal amount of Neutro to but no more developer. Apply to the ends. You will have zero fadeage!

Neutro can be used as a skin protecter for color and for perming. Just apply it lightly around the hairline.

Neutro can be added to our bleaches to make them more creamy as well

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