Tuesday, November 13, 2018

New Upgraded Online Ordering for Customers

I have released our upgraded online ordering system for customers.  Just go to www.artego.com
and select "Online Orders" from the bottom of the list of menu items on the left.  Access to the original program is still available.  Below it you will find a link to access the new upgraded system.  I hope you enjoy all the new features I have incorporated.

I have even created a mobile version to allow customers to order right from their smart phones.

Cruise for 2020

Given the immediate success of our cruise planned for early 2019, we have already decided to host a cruise on one of the largest ships sailing in 2020.  Furthermore, we have developed a plan for customers to earn dollars towards the cost of their cruise based upon their purchases of Artego retail product.  With more than a year to go, I am certain many customers will be cruising with us for free.

First cruise a huge success

The organization and publicizing of our first Artego Educational Fun & Sun Cruise has been a huge success.  The first block of rooms almost immediately sold out.  Therefore we purchased a second block of rooms.  The international famous educators providing the training on the cruise and all the activities that a cruise provides collectively are sure to make this an event not to miss.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Join the first ARTEGO cruise. February 24 - March 1, 2019 Meet with educators from all over the world. Top trainers will be teaching color placement, men's grooming, updo's, hair cutting and balayage/ombre'.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Be sure to check out our new You Tube Channel for Artego USA.  There you will find videos called Tip Of The Week.  Each video explains or demonstrates a technique to help you achieve the very best results using Artego hair color and hair care & styling aids.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

the world of fashion is in constant evolution; renewing itself, it
shapes and crafts new contents we all read in life’s never-ending
book. All flows. Fashion does too.

Catwalks are animated by wonderful actresses and models,
who strut with a clear goal: help the triumph of their
Maison de mode. It seems to live in an imaginary world enliven
by women warriors clothed in denim or futurist metallic grey,
enlightened by multicolored crystals.

Prevalent shades are grey – from smoke to charcoal and light
metallic; black and white, representing the timeless and iconic
game between the darkness of the underworld and the purity
of light. Gold marquetries stand out, a continuum of colors
that goes from powder rose to bold orange. All shades of brown,
and then blue; elegance and sobriety, so often together.

But one color rules over the others: red.
Love, strength, passion and feelings speak in red; red is the color
that communicates the most, it is the tone of emotions, the same
that guide every choice we make. Red is the color of passion,
and passion glazes everything it touches.

Passion inspired and gave the name to ARTÈGO 2017
F/W FASHION COLLECTION: let’s all enthusiastically

Artègo’s Fall/Winter color formulations are inspired by stylists
drawings and catwalks all over the world, and to perfectly pair
with the color services Artègo Salons will propose and carry
out this season, we created three different yet intertwined
communication tools:

• the SHADES OF PASSION Book, a new luxury concept for
customers to leaf through and get influenced into having
a concrete motivation to propose the new icons in the Salon,
after reading our tale about fashion and about the inspiration
that led to our iconic proposals; furthermore, they will also
find valuable indications about cut and color step by step,
to carry out the magic;

• the Palette de Couleurs, an opening to a new idea of color chart:
it is not only a technical instrument where the colorist can find
formulas and strands, but it extraordinarily becomes a
representation of images that both the hairdresser and the
customers can use to artistically perceive the chromatic history
underlying the look they chose;

• the two-faced poster, displaying all Shades of Passion icons
on one side, striking a pose, and a moving one on the other.